Commercial bank of Ceylon: a broad context and history

Commercial Bank of Ceylon, popularly known as Commercial Bank of Ceylon, is an old and respected institution. It was established in 1920 when the economic scenario of Sri Lanka was undergoing many changes. This bank was established mainly to meet British commercial needs. But over time it continued to play an important role in the economic development of Sri Lanka.

At first, the bank’s operations were limited to certain areas and were mainly confined to commercial transactions. But over time the bank expanded its activities. The customer base continues to grow. While initially focusing primarily on the foreign trade and export sector, the bank later introduced various services to the domestic market, small and medium industries, and individual customers.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon’s services and products

Commercial Bank of Ceylon provides various types of banking services to its customers. One of the main services of this bank is savings and current account management. Savings accounts are suitable for the general public. Where they can deposit their savings, earning interest in return. On the other hand, current accounts are mainly suitable for traders. Where they can complete their daily transactions.

This bank also provides various types of loans. From personal loans to business loans, all types of loan facilities are available here. Also, home loans, education loans, and car loan facilities are available here. These loan facilities help a lot in meeting the financial needs of customers.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon digital banking

Digital banking is one of the most important aspects of the modern banking system. Commercial Bank of Ceylon has played a leading role in this field. Their internet banking, and mobile banking services allow customers to complete their banking tasks with ease. Using these services, customers can view their account balances, make transfers, make bill payments, and more.

This bank also provides a sophisticated mobile application for its customers. Which helps the customers to complete their banking tasks more easily and quickly. Customers can view their account information, transfer funds, and receive other banking services through the mobile application.

International presence of Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Commercial Bank of Ceylon is not only limited to Sri Lanka but also has an international presence. It operates branches and representative offices in many countries. It has branches in India, Maldives, and Italy. This international presence has made the bank a global banking institution. The bank offers special services to Sri Lankans living abroad, such as remittance services.

This bank is especially known for foreign exchange transactions. Their activities in the foreign exchange market are very active and efficient. This bank plays a special role in establishing business relations with various countries and in the field of exports.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Commercial Bank of Ceylon contributes significantly to society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. They invest in various projects in education, health, environmental conservation, and community development. Their activities in the education sector include setting up schools, distributing educational materials, and providing scholarships to poor students. In the health sector, they set up hospitals and health centers and conduct health awareness campaigns.

They also give special importance to environmental protection. They are working to protect the environment by planting trees, environmental awareness campaigns, and encouraging the use of recycled materials. In addition, the bank invests in various social and economic projects for the development of local communities.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon awards and recognition

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has won various international and national awards and recognitions. Some of their notable awards include the ‘Best Bank in Sri Lanka’ and ‘Best Corporate Institution of the Year’ awards. These awards are a reflection of the bank’s quality and customer service excellence.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon is planning to expand and improve its operations in the future. They are focusing more on technological innovation and digital services. The bank is working to provide more advanced and modern services to its customers.

They also want to increase their international presence and are planning to enter new markets. Also, it aims to bring about positive change in society by conducting more CSR activities at local and international levels.

How many branches does the Commercial Bank of Ceylon have?

Commercial Bank of Ceylon has a total of 268 branches. These branches are located in different parts of Sri Lanka. which has been providing services to customers. Also, the bank has several branches abroad. Eg: Maldives, India, and Italy. These branches prove the bank’s international presence and importance in foreign exchange transactions.


The Commercial Bank of Ceylon is a banking institution with a huge history and reputation. Through their services, products, and corporate social responsibility activities, they are making a significant contribution to the economic and social development of Sri Lanka.

They aim to reach greater heights in the future by using modern technology and improving the quality of customer service. Commercial banks of Ceylon have maintained their importance and influence at the global and local levels as a model banking institution.


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