Nikke How to Get Pilgrim: Unveiling the Mystery and Secrets

To obtain a Pilgrim in Nikke, you can try using the Pilgrim banner, participating in the Pilgrim tower, or referring to the Nikke Pilgrim list for specific Pilgrim characters. Alternatively, you can also try your luck with the wishlist feature.

Pilgrims are unique characters in Nikke who possess unknown identities and objectives, making them intriguing additions to your squad. These characters are typically obtained through specific events or banners, so keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire them and enjoy the benefits they bring to your gameplay experience.

1. Understanding Pilgrim Characters


Exploring the enigmatic nature of Pilgrim characters in Nikke

Exploring The Enigmatic Nature Of Pilgrim Characters In Nikke

Pilgrims, the mysterious figures that wander the surface of Nikke, hold unknown identities and objectives. They are a complete mystery, adding an element of intrigue to the game. Unlike the clearly defined factions of the Ark’s big three companies, Pilgrims are unaligned, making them even more enigmatic.

Uncovering Their Unknown Identities And Objectives

While other characters in Nikke may have their origins and goals laid out, Pilgrims remain shrouded in mystery. Many speculate that they originated from the early days of the Raptures’ invasions and possess knowledge, abilities, and technology that are unique and unparalleled within the Ark.

Due to their unknown identities and objectives, Pilgrims stand out as unique and powerful individuals within the game. Obtaining a Pilgrim character not only adds to your squad’s strength but also brings forth a sense of discovery and curiosity.

Is It Possible To Obtain Pilgrim Characters In Nikke?

Many players wonder if it is even possible to obtain Pilgrim characters in Nikke. While their rarity may make it challenging, it is indeed possible to acquire these mysterious figures. Pilgrim characters can be obtained through various means such as summoning, event rewards, or special promotions.

Some players have reported getting their first Pilgrim mold through pure luck, while others have strategically rerolled to ensure they have at least one Pilgrim in their roster. The unique traits and abilities of Pilgrims make them highly sought after, and their acquisition adds depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

In Conclusion

Unveiling the enigmatic nature of Pilgrim characters in Nikke brings a new level of fascination to the game. They are a complete mystery, with unknown identities and objectives. Obtaining a Pilgrim not only adds strength and uniqueness to your squad but also adds an element of intrigue and wonder to the overall gameplay experience.


2. Significance Of Pilgrim Characters

Discussing The Importance Of Pilgrim Characters In The Game

In the exciting world of Nikke, the Pilgrim characters hold a significant role, adding depth and intrigue to the gameplay. These enigmatic individuals are shrouded in mystery, with their identities and objectives unknown. Pilgrims are not affiliated with any of the Ark’s major companies, making them a unique faction within the game.

How Pilgrim Characters Differ From Other Nikke Factions

Unlike the Nikke factions aligned with the Ark’s big three companies, Pilgrims possess technology, abilities, and knowledge that sets them apart. Having originated from the early days of the Raptures’ invasions, Pilgrims bring a sense of history and experience to the game that no other faction can match. This makes them highly sought after by players who are looking for a distinctive gameplay experience.

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When it comes to obtaining Pilgrim characters, players may find it more challenging than acquiring characters from other factions. Pilgrims have a reputation for being rare, making the acquisition of these characters a prized achievement. However, their scarcity adds to their allure and the desire to uncover their secrets.

To improve your chances of obtaining Pilgrim characters, you can utilize the wishlist feature in the game. By having Pilgrim Nikkes on your wishlist, you can increase the probability of getting these unique and intriguing characters. It’s a strategic approach that can enhance your gaming experience and allow you to form a well-rounded team.

Overall, Pilgrim characters in Nikke have a distinct significance and hold a special place in the hearts of many players. Their elusive nature, combined with their historical background and unique abilities, adds depth to the game’s storyline and provides an exciting challenge for players to pursue. So, if you’re willing to take on the challenge of adding Pilgrim characters to your roster, get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world of Nikke.

3. Challenges In Obtaining Pilgrim Characters

Addressing The Difficulty In Acquiring Pilgrim Characters

Obtaining Pilgrim characters in Nikke can be quite challenging for players. Many users on forums and Reddit threads have expressed their struggles in trying to acquire these elusive characters. In this section, we will analyze the reasons behind the difficulty level and explore the options available to players.

Analyzing The Reasons Behind The Difficulty Level

There are several factors that contribute to the challenges faced by players when trying to obtain Pilgrim characters in Nikke. Let’s take a closer look at these reasons:

  1. Unknown Identities and Objectives: Pilgrims are shrouded in mystery, with their identities and objectives being unknown. This adds an element of intrigue and rarity to these characters, making them harder to come by.

  2. Rarity: Pilgrims are considered to be one of the rarest character types in Nikke. With their unique abilities and knowledge, they possess a high value that makes them highly sought after by players.

  3. Low Pull Rates: The pull rates for Pilgrim characters are notoriously low. This means that players have a slim chance of obtaining them through the regular gacha system, further increasing the difficulty of acquiring these characters.

  4. Limited-Time Banners: Pilgrim characters are often featured in limited-time banners, making them even more elusive. These banners have a set duration, and once they expire, players will have to wait for them to return or explore alternative methods of acquisition.

Considering these challenges, players often find themselves struggling to obtain Pilgrim characters in Nikke. However, it is essential to remember that perseverance and patience are key when it comes to acquiring these rare and valuable additions to your roster.

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4. Strategies For Acquiring Pilgrim Characters

When it comes to acquiring Pilgrim characters in Nikke, many players can find it challenging. Pilgrims are elusive and mysterious, with unknown identities and objectives. However, with the right strategies and a bit of luck, you can increase your chances of obtaining these sought-after characters. In this section, we will explore different approaches and provide you with tips and tricks to maximize your chances of getting Pilgrim characters.

Exploring Different Approaches To Obtaining Pilgrim Characters

There are several avenues you can explore when trying to acquire Pilgrim characters in Nikke. Here are some different approaches you can consider:

  • Summoning: One of the main ways to obtain Pilgrim characters is through summoning. This involves using in-game resources to summon characters and hoping for a Pilgrim to be among the summon results. Keep in mind that Pilgrim characters can be rare, so it may require multiple summons to get the one you desire.
  • Events and Limited-time banners: Nikke often introduces special events and limited-time banners that feature Pilgrim characters. Keep an eye out for these events and banners as they usually offer higher chances of obtaining Pilgrim characters. Plan your resources and prioritize participating in these events.
  • Trading and marketplaces: Some players may be willing to trade or sell their Pilgrim characters. Explore trading platforms or in-game marketplaces where players can exchange characters. This approach may require some negotiation skills and patience, but it can be an alternative way to acquire Pilgrim characters.

Tips And Tricks For Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Pilgrim Characters

While acquiring Pilgrim characters can be challenging, there are strategies you can employ to increase your chances. Consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Save resources: Before attempting to obtain Pilgrim characters, it’s advisable to save up in-game resources such as summoning tickets, gems, or currency. This will allow you to have a higher number of attempts when summoning and increase your chances of getting a Pilgrim character.
  • Focus on Pilgrim-specific banners: When there are banners specifically featuring Pilgrim characters, prioritize using your resources on those banners. These banners usually offer increased rates for Pilgrim characters, increasing your chances of obtaining them.
  • Participate in events: Events often provide additional opportunities to acquire Pilgrim characters. Complete event objectives and tasks to earn event-specific currencies or items that can be exchanged for Pilgrim characters. Be active during events to maximize your chances.
  • Utilize community resources: Join online communities and forums dedicated to Nikke where players share their experiences, strategies, and tips. Engage with the community to learn about the best strategies for acquiring Pilgrim characters and benefit from their collective knowledge.

By exploring different approaches to obtaining Pilgrim characters and implementing the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can increase your chances of adding these mysterious and powerful characters to your Nikke roster. Remember to be patient and persistent, as acquiring Pilgrim characters may require some time and dedication. Best of luck on your quest!

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5. Pilgrim Characters Wishlist

When it comes to the world of Nikke, the Pilgrim faction is highly sought after by players. These enigmatic characters possess unique abilities, advanced technology, and unrivaled knowledge. In this section, we will showcase a list of desirable Pilgrim characters that players eagerly wish to add to their squads. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Pilgrim characters in Nikke and explore their extraordinary features.

Showcasing A List Of Desirable Pilgrim Characters In Nikke

Here are some of the most coveted Pilgrim characters that players are eager to obtain:

  1. Harran: With his mastery over elemental forces, Harran is a force to be reckoned with. His devastating attacks can obliterate enemies in an instant, making him an essential addition to any squad.
  2. Isabel: Isabel possesses unparalleled healing abilities, making her an invaluable asset during battles. Her ability to restore health and cleanse status ailments ensures the survival of her allies.
  3. Noah: Noah is a strategic genius who can manipulate the battlefield to his advantage. His tactical skills, combined with his powerful ranged attacks, make him a formidable opponent in any encounter.
  4. Rapunzel: Rapunzel harnesses the power of illusions, using them to confuse and disorient her foes. Her deceptive maneuvers and precise strikes make her a versatile and unpredictable fighter.
  5. Scarlet: Scarlet is a master of stealth and assassination. Her ability to infiltrate enemy lines undetected, coupled with her lethal swordsmanship, makes her a formidable force on the battlefield.
  6. Snow White: Snow White commands the forces of ice, freezing her enemies in their tracks. Her icy attacks can slow down foes and create opportunities for her allies to take advantage of.

Discussing The Unique Abilities And Features Of Each Character

Each Pilgrim character in Nikke possesses distinct abilities and features that set them apart. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these characters truly exceptional:

Character Unique Abilities Features
Harran Mastery over elemental forces Destructive attacks
Isabel Healing and cleansing abilities Ensures survival of allies
Noah Strategic genius, battlefield manipulation Tactical skills and ranged attacks
Rapunzel Illusions and deception Versatile and unpredictable fighter
Scarlet Stealth and assassination Master of infiltration and lethal swordsmanship
Snow White Control over ice and freezing abilities Slows down enemies and creates opportunities

These remarkable Pilgrim characters exemplify the extraordinary power and versatility that the Pilgrim faction brings to the battlefield. With their unique abilities and features, they can turn the tide of any battle and lead their squads to victory.


In the world of Nikke, acquiring Pilgrim characters has become increasingly challenging. These enigmatic beings, with their unknown identities and objectives, hold a fascinating allure. Whether you are aiming to obtain a Pilgrim through the wishlist or explore other methods, this guide has provided valuable insights.

Remember, Pilgrims possess unique technology, abilities, and knowledge, making them highly sought-after. So, keep striving and may luck be on your side in your pursuit of these elusive and powerful beings. Happy hunting!

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